Theater in the classroom...or sea creatures fighting over a shipwreck! 🐬 (January 2019 Newsletter)

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As soon as your baby giggles at the funny voice you make while reading to her Dr. Seuss, she is being exposed to theater. When your early reader wants to read parts with you in Piggy and Gerald, he is reading dramatically. When your older child is tearing through graphic novels, she is immersing herself in a dramatic world.

Dramatizing stories is inherently fun and natural, and can be beneficial in understanding other subjects (from history to a second language), and it can also improve the skill of reading itself.

Reader’s Theater is a play script that students read aloud together without the goal of a production, but with the purpose of improving reading skills while making it enjoyable. This process can promote fluency, confidence, creativity, empathy, oral expression and connections among peers.

I love writing theater for children and I love hearing about how you fantastic teachers and students use theater in the classroom. So I'm excited to add a new genre of 
Reader's Theater to my repetoire. Stay tuned as I will keep adding scripts for early readers up through teens. The scripts can still be used for competitions and performances, but will have a special place as Reader's Theater within the classroom.

Check out my new 
Reader's Theater play--and while we're on the subject of theater and children, you can browse a short monologue written by a 6-year-old child! 

Happy Creating!


December 2018 Newsletter

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Amazon boxes on the porch, peppermint star cookies in my stomach, Elf playing on tv while I clean up from the Holiday Murder Mystery party I threw over the weekend--this is a slice of the middle of December for me. You?

However you celebrate the holidays, it's always fun to pack in a bit of theater (I loved the one-man show of A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens, told in an historic Dutch church from the 1600s!). So check out some of my festive pieces below--a new monologue, a "how to" on writing your own cheesy Christmas rom-com, and more.

Enjoy the season and Happy Creating!


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December Newsletter

Has anyone else watched a "Hallmark Holiday" movie this season yet? Okay, they're cheesy and predictable, but there's kind of nothing like wrapping presents at midnight, while watching a feel-good Christmas movie where a jaded journalist travels to a snowy land and either meets Santa--or a prince! Snacking on chocolate-covered peppermint "jo-jos" helps too.

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Happy Leap Day! What magical adventure have you had today on this bonus day of the year? Ladies, have you asked someone to marry you on Feb 29 (you'll have a long marriage!)? Have you seen Leap Day Williams hovering around the waters (30-Rock style)? Have you buried a coin near a rainbow's end waiting for its pay-off on St. Patrick's Day? Have you...checked out a new play written by Tara Meddaugh?...

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New Seasonal Play for young actors (filled with monologues!)

Check out my most recent e-newsletter, announcing a new one-act Christmas-themed comedy for young actors, Christmas Superpowers and Believing in Blitzen.  You can also learn about my monologue contest (you could win a monologue written for you!).  And find out what my Halloween costume was this year...hint...I wasn't Princess Leia, but...

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